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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Other Things I Read Recently (Short Reviews)

From the very beginning I was in love with Aza Ray and her story. Headley has such a clear handle on Aza's voice and who she is ... and she is magnetic! She's scared and scary, tough and vulnerable, and her internal monologue is sharp with the contradictions of her situation. This story is one of the most uniquely creative that I have read in a long, long time. I loved it, and I am hoping to find out more about the amazing world of Aza Ray!  I smell a sequel.

Beastly Bones, William Ritter (Algonquin Young Readers)

This second book starring the mythological-mystery hunter R. F. Jackaby (a quirky Holmes-ian character) and his keen-eyed assistant Abigail Rook  gets off to a fast start with all the elements that made the first book fun: quick wit and quick action.  Of course, they are also involved in a new fantasy-mystery with new creatures and a further development of intriguing characters.   It was a fast read that I wished I could slow down to enjoy it more.  And I look forward to seeing the story progress in the next book.  

I thought this Beastly Bones was better than the first book because it had better character development and, with some of the clunky set-up material out of the way, the story could just fly into its own quirky fun zone.  It was a great, light diversion.

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