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Saturday, September 26, 2015

"The Creeping" is Definitely Creepy, a Little Confused

The Creeping, Alexandra Sirowy (Simon and Schuster Books)

I really enjoyed this book and thought the author did a great job building the scare and keeping the ball in the air as far as who really took little Jeanie 12 years ago. The weird touches like her hair being French-braided and the variously obsessed childhood friends really made me think I could see several ways that sad event could have happened.  For almost the entirety of the book she managed to circle around the ramifications of this creepy-sad event.

The mysterious connections to a local history of "disappeared" little redheads and potential cults or vague evil influences, however, were less satisfying because they spread out in all directions, then seemed to crystallize, then disappeared ... almost.  Even with the final chase through the woods, which was well-done, and made some good sense as to human perpetrators, there was raised a specter of some sort of evil beyond mere mortals.  So at the conclusion of the book it was a bit less than satisfying to have Stella just "decide" against monsters, in effect. [Yes, I know this may not make sense if you haven't read the book, but I am trying not to be a complete spoiler.  And, yes, one could say her actions were symbolic, but it was a creepy horror story, people!  So symbolism didn't entirely cut it for me.]  Anyway there were quite a lot of raggedy horror story loose ends that I'm pretty sure did not get tied up, i.e., did not make good sense.

I felt like it was a pretty good creepy story, but maybe the author was not quite sure how to handle all those really weird threads she had pulled in the beginning so she opted for pretending she hadn't pulled them.  I was left feeling a little confused about what had just happened.  Nevertheless, it was a fun ride while it lasted.  It definitely had me "creeped out" more than just a little so it was worth it! 

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